Want to easy compute thermodynamic properties of water and steam without studying IAPWS-IF97 materials ? 
Don't have time to study complicated manuals for technical software ? 

Take our product TVVP. This software will let you :

Just learn to use only one procedure!
All calculations are protected against wrong numeric input values. 
Which parameters does the procedure work with?

Except that there is a possibility to compute : 

Some other calculations are easy to add

What is the software consisting of?
The base is a DLL library
EXE module (freeware) allows calculation in 1 point from two chosen independent  input variables.
The library is added by a file of functions for Excel, which is implemented in Excel during installation. 
The User manual will introduce you the installation process and limits of calculations of various parameters.
Actual price for one license is 4800 CZK (approx. 130 US$) + shipping and package. This software requires MS Windows 95/NT 4.0 or higher.


This software was developed according to order of the Czech Power Company ČEZ, a.s.
ČEZ belongs to the world first power utilities having introduced the product into operation. The Czech Power Company ČEZ has been using this software package as a consistent part of the newly formed operation and information system in order to analyze operational parameters and efficiency of the equipment installed in its power plants.